To become one of the leading fuel suppliers in Southern Africa. Client service, administration and quality product is our main focus.

For every client to experience the difference we make in the industry!

To set high standards and work around the clock to provide all our client’s needs.


Alliance Fuel will always be motivated and driven to deliver the best quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Our client service and administration are quick and professional

And our communication towards our clients is thorough and clear.

Alliance Fuel is a bulk fuel & fuel specific equipment company. Since its conception, has been on an escalator of success with wise minds and expert hands behind it. Synonymous with perfection, Alliance Fuel is committed to supplying and delivering the best quality, clean and safe fuel around South Africa along with a strong foothold in fuel dispensary products. With its product delivery approach, state of the art fueling tech and a highly committed workforce, the organization provides best-in-class petroleum products. Alliance Fuel performance and consistency has earned it the trust from all customers across South Africa. Appreciating the trust and preference of its customers, the company aspires to further become the largest private bulk fuel supplier in South Africa. Leading the future of petroleum, Alliance Fuel with the sourcing of only the finest and superior quality fuel, offers the ‘best-in-class’ products to its customers. The products meet or exceed the quality requirements of international organizations approvals.